a) The organization shall be known as the “Bloordale Baseball League”.

a) The objectives of this League shall be:

I) To implant firmly in the minds of the youth of our area, the ideals of sportsmanship, that they may grow to be good living, clean minded, healthy and loyal individuals.

II) To promote and maintain organized baseball in the Bloordale area.

III) To carry out competitions for the various series of this League.

a) The boundaries of this League are defined as the official boundaries of the former City of Etobicoke.

a) The Executive Committee of the League shall be comprised of the following officers:

Past President






Umpire in Chief

Director, Training & Development

Director, Equipment & Purchasing

Director, Photography

Director, Sponsorship

Members at Large (maximum three)

The following Board roles will be filled by appointment and may include the following positions:

Convenor(s) of the season’s baseball divisions, including house league Tball, Rookie, Mosquito, Peewee, Bantam, Midget, Junior and Ladies.

Select Division Convenor (all divisions)

Rep Division Convenor (all divisions)


Additional members shall be appointed or engaged as required to facilitate the operation of the league. These positions – called Coordinators – may include, but are not limited to, the following types of activities: communications, social media, banquet and meeting planning, special projects, uniform coordination, and other duties as required to continue the operations of Bloordale Baseball.

Life Member(s)

All, with the exception of the Immediate Past President, shall be elected annually by ballot. All shall have the power to vote at all Executive, General, Special and Annual Meetings.

b) A quorum shall consist of a minimum of six (6) voting members of the Executive Committee.

In the event of an emergency or if a time sensitive decision is required, a majority of the Executive

Officers (defined as President, Vice President, Past President, Treasurer, and Administrator) can act on

behalf of the league. Any emergency decision may not result in costs to the league of more than

$10,000 without further executive approval.

c) The League Executive on a two-thirds majority vote, may from year to year, create new Executive or Board positions and / or delete existing positions.

d) The President shall appoint other Board members as he / she may see fit to perform certain tasks, from time to time.

e) The Executive Committee shall authorize all expenditures of the Bloordale Baseball League. They shall be responsible for an outside auditing of the books of the League. They shall elect and appoint all committees. They shall have the power to prohibit any exhibition games or tournaments. They shall look after the general welfare of the League.

f) The Executive shall be given the power to appoint replacements of any Executive Officer(s) who resign during the year.


a) The President shall preside at all meetings of the League and of the Executive Committee with the usual privileges of the office. He / she shall be an ex-officio member of all standing and special committees. The President shall provide overall direction in all League activities, and be responsible for the delegation of tasks to the appropriate officer.

In this regard, he / she shall be responsible for clearly defining and keeping up to date all responsibility and authority relationships in the League.

The President, or his / her alternate as appointed by the President, shall act as League representative for all official committees and responsibilities as required, including with the City Parks and Recreation Department, and Etobicoke Baseball Association. The President is authorized to counter-sign cheques with the Treasurer.

b) The Vice-President(s) shall act at all times in support of the President and, in the President’s absence, assume and / or share the full responsibility of that office. A Vice-President may assume the office of President after at least one year as Vice-President.

c) The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all the proceedings of all meetings of the League and shall distribute Minutes to the Executive members. The Secretary shall receive and file all correspondence.

The Secretary shall be responsible for booking facilities for monthly Executive meetings, special meetings, Coaches’ Night and the Annual General Meeting.

d) The Treasurer shall receive and receipt all monies paid in to the treasury, and shall keep such books as are necessary to contain the accounts of the League.

He / she shall issue all cheques, counter-signed by the Past President, President, Vice-President, or Secretary, and file a proper receipt of same. He / she shall receive and attend to all Medical and Liability claims. The Treasurer shall prepare and present a report of the financial conditions of the League at the Annual General Meeting. The Auditor’s report will be prepared by one Auditor appointed by the League. The Treasurer shall submit all Accounts Payable to the Executive for approval. He / she shall prepare an interim report of the financial standing of the League when called upon to do so by the President.

e) The Registrar shall prepare the registration system (online or other) in preparation for a Feb. 1 opening season each year. He / she shall work with other league volunteers to facilitate the creation of flyers, registration forms or other items to promote registration as required.

The Registrar shall be responsible for organizing in-person registration events, including staffing and overseeing and booking facilities for all registration dates.

The Registrar shall prepare and maintain a master list of all players registered in the League, showing all information collected within privacy legislation guidelines and related laws, including name, address, email address, age and telephone number, and ensure that all players so registered have paid their fees. The Registrar shall receive a copy of all Select and Rep team rosters and facilitate their inclusion in the online system. The Registrar shall provide each Convenor with a player registration list for that Division.

f) The Convenors shall attend to all matters pertaining to their respective series, including registration of unregistered players, organizing and balancing of teams, assigning of Managers and Coaches, scheduling of games and practices and shall investigate all protests within their series and report all such protests, with recommendations, to the Executive. The Convenors will work cooperatively with Select division convenors. The Convenors shall be responsible for seeing that players are properly attired in the uniform provided.

The Convenors are also responsible for communicating information about their respective series to the Executive Committee and Webmaster.

g) The Umpire-in-Chiefs shall assign qualified umpires for each League game and shall be responsible for payment of the respective fees. The Umpire-in-Chiefs shall be responsible for the field decorum of the umpires and proper attire where applicable. The Umpire-in-Chiefs shall report all protests to the Divisional Convenor.

h) The Equipment & Purchasing Director shall be responsible for all matters related to the maintenance and storage of all equipment and trophies on behalf of the League. He / she shall be responsible for all matters related to the procurement of all equipment, uniforms, and trophies. The league will bear no responsibility for any purchases not specifically authorized by the purchasing convenor, nor may any member, manager, player or executive of the league purchase equipment without the express authorization and / or co-ordination of the purchasing convenor. The purchasing convenor shall also be responsible for the arranging of sponsor plaques to be made.

j) The Sponsorship Director shall be responsible for all matters related to the soliciting, acceptance and assignment of sponsors for teams or functions and will co-ordinate on behalf of the Treasurer all financial aspects of these matters.

k) The Communications Coordinator is responsible for all League publicity, including:

1. Marketing and promotion of Bloordale Baseball as it relates to registration, special events and promotional activities; coordinating content with Webmaster; regularly communicating information to families; coordinating postings of data with the social media coordinator.

l) The Special Events Coordinator shall advise the Executive Committee of the availability of suitable facilities and menu selections within budget for annual banquets. The Coordinator shall be responsible for the booking of facilities, arranging menu, team seating (including head count) and related activities for all banquets and/or special events.

m) The Webmaster shall be responsible for designing and maintaining the League website. The Webmaster shall facilitate or post schedules, contact information, scores and other information provided by the series Convenors. As well, the Webmaster shall post information that the Executive, Convenors or Coordinators deem necessary.

n) The EBA Representative(s) will represent the Bloordale Baseball League in all matters related to our participation in the Etobicoke Baseball Association. Two league volunteers must attend each EBA meeting in order to maintain voting rights of Bloordale Baseball. Typically, the President and Vice-President would attend EBA. At times, an alternate Executive or Board Member or volunteer at large may be invited to attend on the league’s behalf. This is at the discretion and invitation of the President or Vice-President.

o) The Select and Rep Convenors shall be responsible (with help from the Executive if necessary) for assigning all Managers and Coaches to teams.

p) The Select and Rep Convenors shall be responsible for compiling team rosters for all Select and Rep teams and forwarding these rosters to the Registrar.

s) The Photography Director will be responsible for compiling prices and other information from possible photographers. He / she will present such information to the Executive for a decision and then coordinate timing of all team and individual pictures.

t) The Training & Development Director will be responsible for compiling prices and other information on training facilities for programs or special initiatives. He /she will present such information to the Executive for a decision and then coordinate timing of player/coach participation as required.


a) The Executive shall decide all matters pertaining to the finances of the League, with the exception of funeral remembrances, which may be facilitated by the Treasurer on the authority of the President.

b) The Executive shall submit a budget annually for the ensuing season.

c) All expenditures over $1,000, other than approved budget items, must have the approval of the Executive Committee.

d) Fundraising events must first be approved by the Executive and confined to a League operation only with the exception of Select teams which may fundraise on their own.


a) The Executive shall meet as often as is necessary to carry on efficiently, the business of the League.

b) The Annual General Meeting of the League shall be held each year, prior to the first day of December and after the close of the regular season, on a date set by the Executive. The membership shall be notified at least one week prior to the date of the meeting. Membership is defined as an active participant in the capacity of manager, coach, umpire, elected or appointed official or volunteer coordinator, or the parent or guardian of a player in the League.


a) The regular order of business at all meetings of the League and Executive, when not inconsistent with the constitution and by-laws of the League, shall be as follows:

1. Call to order

2. Roll call of officers

3. Review of Action Steps / Minutes from Preceding Meeting(s)

4. Business arising from Action Steps / Minutes

5. Reports of Officers

6. Amendments to the Constitution

7. Election of Officers

8. Installation of Officers

9. New Business

10. Proposals for the good and welfare of the League

11. Adjournment


a) Nominations for the officers of the League should be in the hands of the League President as early as possible before the Annual Meeting.

Nominations will be accepted from the floor.

b) Nominations for the Executive Officers shall be restricted to those active members of the Bloordale Baseball League who have been active for a period of not less than one year. A nomination shall not be accepted for the office of President for anyone who has not served on the Executive for a period of at least two years.

c) No amendment or alteration shall be made to any part of this Constitution except at an Annual Meeting, and by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present. Notice of any proposed alteration or amendment must be made to the Secretary or President of the League in writing, at least one week before the Annual Meeting.

d) Amendments to the By-laws and Playing Rules may be made at the Annual, General or Special meetings, and at any subsequent meetings of the League Executive, by a majority vote of the Executive and Board members present at such meetings.


a) The League does not accept any responsibility for any debts incurred by any team or individual.

b) The League agrees to procure Medical and Liability insurance to cover all active players, members, managers and coaches, from any claim that might arise as a result of the operation of Bloordale Baseball League activities.

All claims to be submitted to the League Treasurer.

c) The League adopts a Harassment and Abuse Policy as determined and updated from time to time by the executive.


a) Sponsors will not provide any additional honorarium, uniform, windbreakers or awards to their teams during or after the playing season without consent of the Executive.

b) Sponsorship fees will be set by the incumbent executive committee.


The Rules and Regulations of Baseball played under the jurisdiction of the Bloordale Baseball League are many and varied and under constant revision. Thus, the regulations normally covered by by-laws attendant to the Constitution have been formalized in two reports called A) General By-Laws and B) Playing Rules, which are available to all members on request.

The General By-Laws and Playing Rules will apply to all persons directly or indirectly affiliated with the League in any capacity. Changes and additions may be made from time to time at the discretion and direction of the Executive Committee.

Updated October 2019

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