Child Protection Policy

Coaching Code Of Conduct And Safety

Coaches play a significant role in the development of children. They are able to instill positive values of trust, good sportsmanship and citizenship, responsibility, respect, fair play, and teamwork. Coaches are involved in helping to develop life skills amongst our players. They are also responsible for ensuring the safety of our players.

1. Safety

A. Lightning

Bloordale Baseball follows the Environment Canada guidelines with respect to lightning safety.

If you can hear thunder, lightning is in your area.  Take shelter immediately in a sturdy, fully enclosed building with plumbing and wiring, or in a metal roofed vehicle.  Stay inside for 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder.

Direct lightning strikes are responsible for only 5% of lightning-related deaths and injuries.  Ground current and side flashing are responsible for 60 to 80%.  Ground current occurs when lightning hits the ground and sends a current through the ground to a victim.  Side flash occurs when lightning hits a tall object, travels down the object, and then jumps to a victim.

B. Concussions

Concussions can only be diagnosed by a doctor or a nurse practitioner, but a coach can use his or her judgement to decide if a player should be removed from a game if they receive a blow to the head. Always err on the side of caution. The player’s parent or guardian must be notified immediately of any possible concussive blows.

Once a player is removed from a game, they are not eligible to return to play until they have been cleared to play by their parent or guardian.

C. Equipment

All equipment should be inspected before use to determine that it is complete and in good repair. Any equipment needing repair should not be used, and the division convenor or any member of the executive should be informed.

Properly fitting helmets must be worn by batters (both at the plate and on deck) and by runners on the bases. Helmet straps are mandatory, and must remain done up until the player exits the playing field.

Catcher’s equipment must be fitted properly. Warm-up catchers (including coaches and parents) must wear a mask.

D. Arm Care

At all age groups and levels, important pitch count rules are in place to protect young arms. House league and Select/Rep coaches need to be aware of these rules, and also need to co-ordinate between different levels. For example, coaches should co-ordinate when players pitch both Select and House League.

E. Medication / Allergies / Injuries

When guardians register players, they’re asked to provide any medical information about each child, including any medication the player carries. This information is made available to each coach. Please be aware of any special situations, and ask the guardian if there are any questions.

F. First Aid

All equipment boxes at all fields are equipped with first aid kits. Advise the division convenor or any member of the executive if one is missing or if any kit is missing components.

G. Urgent Care

Coaches should be familiar with the nearest urgent care facility. The nearest one for Bloordale diamonds is:

Queensway Health Care
150 Sherway Drive
M9C 1A4

(across from Sherway Gardens south of The Queensway, on the west side of The West Mall. Hours are 8 am to 10 pm, 7 days of the week).

2. Sportsmanship

Promote sportsmanship!   The reputation of a team depends not only on its playing ability on the field, but also on its sportsmanship, courtesy, and manner.  Verbal abuse (including gestures) to anyone is not tolerated.  Refrain from complaining about bad calls, they are going to happen.  If discussion are necessary, use conversational tones, and no profanity. 

Generally, show respect for all involved in the game. 

3. Baseball Rules And Policies

Coaches should know and abide by the rules, both baseball rules and the divisional rules. There are always grey areas within these rules, and if you need clarification about something, ask.

4. Umpires

Baseball is a game of interpretation: opinions will differ, and mistakes will happen.  Keep in mind that the players must learn respect for the umpires.  So the coach should set that example.  Be civil. 

Once a final decision is made by an umpire, no further field protest should occur.

5. Other Resources

We all need to take responsibility for the other resources that are provided by the league.  This includes equipment, keys, field care, the dugout after the game, and locking down of equipment boxes and storage facilities.

6. Parents And The League

Keep an open line of communication the your players and parents.  Be approachable!  Explain your philosophies, goals, and objectives.  And be sure that the parents and fans in the stands show sportsmanship and courtesy to the umpires, other team members, and the opposition team members. 

Be humble and generous in victory, and proud and courteous in defeat.

7. Non-game Responsibilities

Maintain communication with both parents and players.  Attend any league meetings as necessary, or designate an alternate attendee.  Do the necessary paperwork.

In general, take responsibility for your team.

Updated:  January, 2019

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