Mosquito — Boys and Girls who are 10 and 11 years old as of December 31 of the current year
Convenor: [email protected]

Teams will play twice a week. Weeknight games will be on Monday or Tuesday and all teams will play on Saturday mornings or early afternoon. Weeknight games start at 6:15 p.m. sharp. Coaches will at times add a practice if player interest exists. Most games are played at Millwood Park, located west of Mill Road on the north side of Bloor Street.

The season starts April 28 and will continue until the end of June. Optional play will continue during the summer in the form of exhibition games or group practices. Playoffs start right after Labour Day.

While the mosquito division does prove a challenge as it is the first year where real pitching is started, it is also a place where the game really comes together and skills blossom.

The league will also be running FREE pre-season indoor pitching clinics for those who are interested in learning the basic pitching mechanics. All division registrants will be contacted by email with more details. Pre-registration is required.

The skill level is mixed and the teams are balanced accordingly. It is not too late for children who have never played baseball before to participate, learn and grow into well-heeled baseball players well before the season is over. So don’t be shy, come out and hit, run, catch and throw with the rest. You might even learn some new skills, make some new friends, and have some FUN in the sun.

Coaches are always needed so please think about volunteering a bit of your time to support your children and the community. We almost guarantee that you’ll appreciate and enjoy the experience. So don’t be shy, you might even learn some new skills, make some new friends, and have some FUN in the sun along with your children.


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  • Team 1: Susan MacKinnon – Royal Lepage
    Team 2: McBride Wallace Laurent & Cord llp
    Team 3: Omega
    Team 4: Canadiana

  • Team 5: Centennial Sports
    Team 6: CLR
    Team 7: Home Trust


Download and View the Mosquito Rules


Our goal at Bloordale is to provide children with an opportunity to enjoy the game of baseball and at the same time to develop their social and interpersonal skills.

For us as parents who volunteer to coach, it should be our goal to be fair to all children and to promote respect for all players, other coaches, umpires and other parents. We should forever be good role models by promoting sportsmanship and fair play at all times.


Though the general rules of baseball as set out by the OBA apply to house league baseball, there are some exceptions designed and adapted for the Bloordale Mosquito Baseball Division which need to be noted by all the coaches and umpires.


1. A player can pitch a maximum of 2 consecutive innings or 6 outs. Players are not allowed to assume the pitching position once they have been removed or have reached the maximum 2 innings or six outs.

2. Two of the first 4 innings (6 outs) must be pitched by a first year player or combination of first year players. Such player(s) shall be defined as a player born in 2003 or later.

3. A 5-run maximum mercy rule will apply in each inning except the last inning.

4. A Maximum of 8 warm-up pitches is allowed at the start of the inning or by a new pitcher entering the game.

5. A pitcher will be retired from his position if he fails to pitch the ball after the umpire’s ‘ready-to play-ball’ signal.

Player Rotation

1. No player may sit out a second inning in a game until ALL players have sat out at least one inning.
2. Coaches must ensure each player has a reasonable balance of playing time between outfield and infield.
3. No player shall play the same infield position more than twice in the same game.
4. A team must field 8 registered players for the game to be official. Any team unable to field the minimum level by 15 minutes after the scheduled start time will default the game.

Two-Out Catcher Rule

1. Should two-outs be recorded and the player scheduled to catch the next inning is on base, the runner may be substituted with the last offensive team player who was recorded out. (This gives the catcher a head start putting on the equipment, and helps speed up the game.)


1. Each Head Coach must submit a copy of the team’s batting order to their opponent’s scorekeeper at the beginning of the game with the batter’s name and jersey number.

2. All players will bat consecutively as listed in the batting order. No changes will be made unless it is mutually agreed to between coaches.

3. For safety reasons, players are not permitted to swing bats unless at the plate or in the on-deck circle during a game, or supervised by a Bloordale coach. Players in the on-deck circle must be watching the game to avoid getting hit by the ball. Coaches are encouraged to remove players from the on-deck circle if they are not watching the game.

Game Timing

1. The teams are encouraged to start the game on time. The game will be deemed to have officially started at the scheduled time regardless of when the first pitch is thrown. Flexibility should be given if the game is delayed for some unforeseeable or unusual reason (ie rain, field maintenance). Should this occur, the no-new-inning time should be agreed upon by both head coaches and home plate umpire. If an agreement can not be reached, the home plate umpire’s decision shall be final.

2. No inning may start beyond 1 hour and 45 minutes after the scheduled start time.

3. There is a limit of five runs per inning, except the last inning, which is open (unlimited runs).

4. Coaches should meet 30 minutes prior to 1 hour and 45 minutes to determine and agree upon the so-called ‘open inning’. If no agreement is reached, the home plate umpire’s decision is final.

5. If 4 full innings are not completed within the normal time limit due to an interruption by rain or Act of God, then the game shall be rescheduled to a later date.

6. Umpires gets paid one half of the full amount until 2.5 innings have been played, the full amount thereafter.

Rain-outs and Weather

1. Generally speaking, it is at the coaches’ discretion whether nor not the game can be played. Occasionally, the convenor may advise in advance if a field is not playable.

2. If coaches decide in advance that the game can’t be played, please advise leagu Umpire-In-Chief via email at [email protected], who will in turn advise the umpires.

3. It is the coach’s responsibility to contact the players if a game won’t be played. If the head coach is not available, then one of the assistant coaches should be in charge.

4. Play is to halt as soon as lightning is witnessed. Everyone should head indoors until 30 minutes after the storm has passed.

Uniforms and Equipment

1. Players, managers and coaches must wear issued Bloordale uniforms and hats at all times during the games.

2. Players are not permitted to wear jewelry, watches, neck chains, or bracelets.

3. Players must have their shirt jerseys tucked into their pants.

4. No short pants are permitted. No metal spikes/cleats may be worn.

5. It is strongly recommended that all players wear a protective cup while playing the game. Coaches should encourage players to follow this recommendation, especially for participants who intend to play the catcher’s position.

Home Team

1. The Home Team is declared as shown on the Mosquito Schedule.

2. The Home Team shall provide game balls and set up the field for play.

3. The Home Team’s bench shall be on the third base side.

4. The Home Team shall pay the umpires’ services at the end of the game.

5. The Home Team is responsible for returning all equipment to the equipment box after the game and ensuring that the box is securely locked.


1. Once the game starts, the home plate umpire shall have full control of the game. The umpire’s decision is final.

2. If there are any disputes, then it is important for the Coaches to resolve same with the home plate umpire, failing which a written protest shall be emailed to Michael Giorno, Convenor, at [email protected] and league Umpire-In-Chief, [email protected] within 24 hours for review and resolution.

Stealing Bases and Bunting

1. No intentional bunting is permitted.

2. The hitter may not advance to first base on a dropped third strike.

3. No lead-off is permitted; however stealing is permitted only after the pitched ball crosses the plate.

4. Stealing home is not permitted. Should a defensive team player (pitcher or catcher) attempt to make a play on a runner at any of the bases between pitches, a runner on third base may attempt to advance to home plate at their own risk.

5. There will be no advances on a catcher’s overthrow to the pitcher.

6. It is the responsibility of the base runner to avoid contact when there is a close play at any base including home plate. The runner must slide to avoid contact only should the defensive player be attempting to make a play. If contact is made and the runner does not slide he or she will be called out by the umpire. The base runner may be ejected if the contact is severe.


1. The winning team is responsible for reporting the game score to Michael Giorno, Convenor, at [email protected]

2. No parking of cars on the lot adjacent to the apartment building.

3. The Convenor reserves the right to adjust the rules during the regular season or playoffs.


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